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what does your backyard represent?

what colors would be beneficial outside?

and regarding gutters, i’m guessing blocked water isn’t good, but is there a difference since it’s on the outside of your house?

thanks, A, for the questions!

i was told by a shui mentor years ago the front yard represents our present while the backyard represents our future. different schools of shui have various interpretations; however, if you make changes in your yard/gardens with the intention of improving either, your efforts will sprout results because you are creating lovely areas that will attract + pool nourishing energy.

in shui, colors have different elemental properties. and since shui’s objective is to create balance and harmony, it is best if you use a blend of colors. in upcoming posts, we will explore the 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) in greater detail. however, to answer your q, here are the colors associated with each element:

water: black and dark tones {aubergine, hunter green, navy blue}

wood: blues and greens

fire: reds

earth: yellows and earthtones

metal: whites and pastels {pastels will be a blend of 2 elements. for example, pink is red/fire + white/metal.}

front door spring 2013 (14)

as for your home’s gutters, if the water becomes stagnant, you want to clear it out. stagnant is symbolic of not being in the flow. it represents motionless, stale, and sluggish energy. however, if you find the water evaporates or resolves itself quickly, it isn’t a worry. whether the water is inside your home or outside the four walls, you want it to be fresh, replenishing, and (ideally) moving.

thanks again for the q’s! please do keep them coming. . .



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