the 5 elements of change

when a client hires me because of money worries – complaining it comes in and goes right back out – my first place of interest is the front door. improving the quality of chi at the entry – both inside and outside the door – makes a difference. my favorite suggestion: add some plants (WOOD). they (1) woo and greet energy; (2) sponge up any money energy moving vigorously through your house and life; and (3) lift the chi, which helps your bottom line!

what about a client struggling in a relationship and the one constant is arguments and tension? if both partners want to revive the romance, i will look for how much metal is in their bedroom / common spaces. too much Metal can make us sharp-tongued, cool and distant, and unwilling to compromise. to counter that, we would introduce a little FIRE to “melt” the excess Metal. candles, wool or cashmere throws, or “happier times” photographs will offer nourishment of safety and “warmth” and spark an interest in being more present with each other.

when a client feels depressed, my first instinct is to check if the surroundings are overly Yin. Yin – which can be loosely described as quiet, still, cold – translates into passivity and occasional hopelessness when becomes too dominant feature in a home. and often, these homes are overly Earthy with a tremendous amount of counter clutter. to break up the EARTH, we would “lighten up” the space with an intentional purge.

when a client’s kiddo is falling behind in school or performing below their ability, i like to encourage a little METAL in their space. one of my favorite expressions of metal is a world globe – the round shape introduces metal and stimulates education energy.

when a client struggle to stay asleep at night, i will often first assess the color palette of the room. bright colors are particularly activating and engaging, so they are better used in small doses for the bedroom. deep, dark colors (WATER) pull energy inward, fostering intimacy or settling into a deep winter sleep! xo

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