the 5 love languages at home!

if you know the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES, this is for YOU!

if your love language is WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, keep encouraging posters in your office or closet, oracle cards on the coffee table or your desk, or love notes (or anything praiseworthy!) on the side of the fridge! also, be mindful of any books or magazines laying around – especially the self-help kind – that might be disrupting that feel-good conversation with yourself.

if your love language is ACTS OF SERVICE, ritualize taking care of your home. when you wake up in the morning, walk the house, turn on the lights, open the blinds – bring it to life. and before you go to bed, prep the house for your morning by doing any small chores – like, dishes in the sink or mail on the counter. bottom line: if it takes less than 5 minutes, give your tomorrow self that gift.

if your love language is RECEIVING GIFTS, treat your home to something new. and beware of those excuses that insist on the right spend, the right moment, the right occasion, the perfect sale… little gifts to your home are an act of self-hospitality.

if your love language is QUALITY TIME, create a nook or space where you can retreat to focus on conversation, journaling, unwinding, or enjoying your coffee (or wine!). and make it a device free-zone so the connection can really sink into you and linger longer.

and if your love language is PHYSICAL TOUCH, challenge yourself to invite that impulse into every room. have a stack of blankets in the living room – furry or fuzzy are tempting! – that insist on being touched. keep something shiny or glossy in a room that pulls curiosity toward it. or arrange your furniture so it inevitably invites everyone into the space together. and be mindful of anything that gets in the way or feels obtrusive to that connectivity! xo