the days of our LIVES

for the whole month of September, i hopped on IGTV (almost) daily to read the Simple Shui for Every Day prompt live. and then, we had ourselves a little chat. looking back at all my own notes, we covered so much geography (and a little fashion – haha!) together. 
reading everyone’s feedback was like taking in a freshly cracked horizon, and every note felt like hope and motivation rising up! 
so, in the spirit of all that LOVE, here is your TOP TEN list (per your words, but organized according to the topics with the most responses!) from September’s prompts and conovs! enJOY!


10 ::  “The energy we ourselves bring for an energy clearing (before, during, after) is essential!”

9 ::  “Feng Shui is not transactional. It’s all about intention. You cannot Feng Shui someone else!”

8 ::  “Feng Shui is metaphorical. As a lover of stories, I appreciate that my home has narrative qualities that make it easy to implement applicable advice and reinforce that what I do can change my own story.” 

7 :: “For me what was so clear was the conversation you have with your space to listen and to let it evolve in a way that feeds and nourishes my family and me – and using remedies carefully and with intent.” 

6 :: “Just like any practice, its power comes from both the repetition and devotion we give it.”

5 :: “Prioritising the bedroom. If you don’t, it’s like choosing not to invest in yourself. This really resonated with me as we just finished a big renovation and it was the last room we were going to ‘style.’ I didn’t need to buy any new décor items. I just put up some artwork that was in another spot previously and got some flowers for the bedside tables. I absolutely LOVE seeing the flowers each time I go in there, and it’s made a huge difference.”

4 :: “I love the idea of dropping (creating) crumbs to welcome energy / abundance to your door.”

3 ::  “Make sure you are taking up and claiming your space mindfully.”

2 :: “Who are you on the other side of your intention? Be that!”



this wisdom in your words gave me smiles for miles – THANK YOU for sharing so generously and thoughtfully! and. in the coming weeks, i’ll be posting more of everyone’s feedback / takeaway tips here and Insta – so, be sure you’re checking in and following over there. and, if you happened to miss the 30 days, there are still a few videos lingering here and here and here. xo


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