turn your space into a work of art

one of the first lessons i learned from my shui teachers was art is SO subjective. (translation: don’t make any assumptions about what the art says / means until you’ve asked.)

it was one of the best pieces of shui advice i’ve been given.

this is why i rarely label anything as “good” or “ bad” offhand when it comes to creative expression.

instead, i ask questions.

and if there is any correlation between my clients’ experiences and a piece of art, we will take a deeper dive into its potential impact. 

however, there are a few other patterns i have noticed over my years of consults that are worth discussing: 

art that appeals to +/or represents only one member of the family. when we live in spaces that exclude the voices and preferences of our loved ones, we prevent them from feeling fully invited, welcomed and validated in the home. and that omission plays into the quality of relationships under the roof. 

a hesitation to hang art – either because we haven’t invested the resource (time, effort, desire, money) or we’re intimidated by making the “right choice.” this is a hurdle worth clearing because what hangs on the walls hangs in our minds. and art so powerfully articulates and fertilizes the energy we want to attract, experience, +/or become. so, blank walls – from my lens – are missed opportunities happening on the daily!


how about a few strategies for easing into an art-filled home?

  • look for the elements missing in your house / in a room, and fill those “gaps” with creative expression. once all 5 elements are keeping you company, you’ll FEEL BETTER in their collective presence.
  • want to trigger change? group your pieces in gatherings of 3. 3 is known to activate quick change. so, whether you hang similarly sized pieces together or go for a mashup of mediums, limit yourself to 3 and watch what happens!

feeling ready to change up or deck your walls now?
here are some of my favorite spaces and places to mine for that next piece:
Juniper Print Shop
1stDibs Art
Etsy (search under Art & Collectibles)
Uprise Art
Minted (search under “Art Pairs and Sets”)
and here are a few of my favorite artists / art picks today:
Anna Ryan Drew
Ariene Bethea (of Dress My Room) collection over at Artfully Walls
Kara Rosenlund
David Michuki
Justina Blakeney
Rayo and Honey
Victoria Smith of sfgirlbythebay and shopsupermarche
Jung Lee’s collection over at Artfully Walls


photo by Dressing Rooms Interiors


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