what does your bedroom say about you?

whether a bedroom is cluttered, reflective of only one partner’s personality and preferences, or the room with the least proof of your devotion, these choices are very revealing. because a bedroom tells me within a glance what you think you’re worth.

this sacred space is designed for SLEEP + STILLNESS + SEXUALITY. that’s it. so, how about creating a room that bows to you?

first, SIMPLIFY. the focus of your bedroom deserves to be the bed. not the TV or the laundry your piles-of-things-to-do-later. without those hefty distractions, our bed becomes the star attraction and that kind of simplicity ushers its own kind of wonderful. simplify your space and you’ll resuscitate your personal energy!

next, SPLURGE. the closer we are to something, the bigger its influence. so, if ever there is an excuse to INDULGE, this is it! the two biggest investments i made in our bedroom were the linen headboard/bed and our linen sheets. i know the knee-jerk response: ‘i don’t have the money to splurge.’ truth? quality isn’t impulsive – it’s intentional. and sometimes that means deliberately saving money and watching for a good sale. all you have to do is make the commitment, and the orchestration of it is in the works!

then, LET LOVE RULE. when confronted with i-can’t-find-my-one-and-only woes, my first response: describe your bedroom. usually something in the bedroom is unwittingly anchoring strong single energy. common culprits: photos of a client by themselves; silhouette art; a single bedside table; one lamp; a bed with one partner’s side pushed up against the wall. are you sensing a pattern? if you want partnership, express that all around you in the bedroom. and then top if off with a pair of rose quartz – the crystal with a voracious affinity for LOVE energy. meow!

finally, HOLD SPACE FOR HARMONY. round shapes promote fluid communication and healthy relationships, so go for curvy lamps, tealight candles, deep button tufts on furniture, round rugs, a bowl with river rocks, or circular patterns in the bedroom. round and round with the TLC!

now that you have some fresh intel, are you inspired to make a few changes in your room this week? tag me so i can see! xo


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