your office Feng Shui for 2022…

with 2022 now in our view, let’s talk about your office and HOW to make it look and FEEL connected to the reality – dare i say, the inevitability – of accomplishing your BIG goals this year. (and if you need to, save this post now and come back to it often, and your space will be wearing the right punctuation for your ambitions, babe!)

TIP ONE: assume the power position by placing your desk so you can see who is coming into your office. if you must face a wall, place a mirror on the wall so you can see any incoming chi approaching you. want to make the most of that mirror? state your intentions in it with conviction every single day and then SMILE!

a couple other scenarios to watch for:

when facing a wall, if you FEEL like you keep “hitting a wall”, hang imagery / art that “opens up” the space in front of you. (think: open road, horizon view, etc.)

if your chair hits the wall when you back up, it might FEEL like you’re always hitting resistance or you’re having a hard time “turning things around.” if possible, move your desk and chair so that you have more “wiggle” room.

TIP TWO: bright overhead light may be invigorating – even helpful getting us into hustle mode – but day-long exposure is overstimulating. and overstimulation often leads to increased stress levels. so, bring in quality lighting with a task lamp. it will draw energy (think: attention and visibility) to whatever you’re working on!

TIP THREE: plant some support! a plant on your desk shades you from getting screen burn. a plant here also absorbs the EMFs coming off your computer and purifies the air, which makes breathing easier (and lowers stress levels). best of all, plants naturally keep us company – and isn’t that fabulous when we need to network and mingle?

TIP FOUR: if i stopped by right now, how much of your desk can “breathe”? too much desk “clutter” generates yin energy, and too much yin chi equals a lot of unnecessary emotion about work. a clean desk (an end-of-day ritual) increases productivity and innovation. and if that’s not motivation enough, take one guess what ritual top entrepreneurs around the world have in common? a clean desk. yes, even necessity likes to FEEL beautiful. xo


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