simple shui | Q & A: how do we remedy a busy road by our house?

when Feng Shui began thousands of years ago, it focused on the land. Feng Shui masters interpreted the chi quality within a given area. was the energy nourishing and nurturing, or was it disruptive and deficient? this is known today as Form School Feng Shui. eventually, these masters moved (thanks to migrations and wars), and other Feng Shui approaches emerged. this is why we have various interpretations and applications today! however, most schools still consider the energy features outside a home. so, this week’s question is perfect for exploring remedies when the energy around you is disruptive and distracting.


“we live right at the main street of Helsinki. it is the busiest street of the whole country. three of our four house windows face the road. the sounds are no issue – good windows! but since we moved into this new house, a sense of anxiety has crept in. it’s a feeling that life is “too busy.” how do we remedy this situation?”



roadways are like water. think about standing in ocean waves. when they are strong and crashing, we’re easily knocked over. stay in them all day, and we’re exhausted from the relentless toll. likewise, a busy road outside your house will eventually have a draining effect  inside your home. so, your sense of anxiety makes sense!

here are a few remedies i would implement to counter the effects:

  • take a small mirror and reflect the energy back to the street. this is one of Feng Shui’s transcendental cures that ‘returns’ unwanted energy to its source. in your situation, the road’s incessant energy would be deflected away from your home and back to the road itself.


  • incorporate greenery or hedges around the yard, especially the perimeter. plants and shrubbery are excellent allies around the windows, too. even a window box with brightly colored flowers becomes a line of defense, blocking the energy from seeping into your space. you don’t necessarily want the growth right up against the house or blocking the windows. instead, create a perimeter of protection with your landscaping, and you’ll feel its healthy insulation!


  • when we want energy to slow down, anything heavy works like a charm. heavy planters (with trees or bushes) are great because they also have dirt in them. dirt is EARTH energy – and EARTH energy is stabilizing, grounding, and calming. other options that also play to EARTH: boulders or rocks, a garden bench, or statues (they don’t need to be BIG, just heavy). EARTH dams WATER in the elemental cycle. so, a few of these would ‘absorb’ that constant ‘water’ chi rushing past your house.



  • let’s step inside in your home. hang curtain panels on the windows or place room dividers near them. either here would serve as helpful guardians. also, anything that can block or close off the energy becomes one more layer of ‘adjustable’ protection. need more stimulating chi? open the curtains. time to subdue and quiet the day? simply close the window off and shut out the chaos! xo