Q & A: “how can i give my space a quick energy cleanse?”

Q: “how can i give my space a quick energy cleanse?”

A: i like to working with cinnamon because it strengthens the power of a ritual; attracts love and luck our way; and protects and heals. so, the next time you clean your space, wipe down the 4 corners of your space (a room, your house) with cinnamon oil.

now, let’s also visit your front door. wipe the door down, shine up the hardware. make sure the lights work; the address number can be seen; the doormat is clean. after the space feels refreshed, take a small makeup or paintbrush (a Q-tip works, too!) and brush a little cinnamon oil on the door itself. i like to make a little “8” sign, but a dot will do, too! set an intention, and say “and so it is!” xo

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