Q & A: “i have a question about my front door…”

Q: “i have a question about my front door. it is recessed down a long hallway so i was going to hang a wind chime. do i hang it at the beginning of the hallway area or closer to the door?

it is also quite dark so plants there won’t thrive at all – any other ideas?

it is also in an alleyway with a new big house being built right in front of it across the alley. i feel like much chi is lost… do you have any thoughts on this area?”

A: thank you for the peek, and a few suggestions for you (work with what makes sense for the space):

(1) in the street-view photo, there is a tree to the right of your property (if we were standing in the street looking at your house). if my interpretation is correct, hang a wind chime here first. why? one, it is the Helpful People area of your property, so it not only calls helpful energy (clients, collaborators, support network, etc.) into that gua, it also pulls / pools energy your way rather than to the big house being built in front of you.

(2) is the glass window door your front door? if so, what is the door to its right (if we’re approaching the door)? you could hang another wind chime here between those two doors – and that chi enhancer now becomes a “connect the dots” energetic trail.

a few other options…

if you have any interest in placing a faux plant with twinkling lights here, that would definitely attract the eye down that corridor.

a wreath on the front door *might* do the same, although the lighting could make it hard to see. 

you could also layer a lighter color rug under your mat so that the lighter colors help “pop” the space.  

(3) finally, put the brightest bulbs possible in your overhead +/or porch lighting. even if you don’t turn the lights on often, the potential is there and that alone will “yang” up the space. 

hope this has a few ideas swirling in your head!


“a week ago, i decided to Feng Shui my front door. it’s a tough spot because it’s receding down a long dark hallway. this is THE MOST IMPORTANT area as it is where the Chi (energy) enters in the home.

my before photos are boring – no energy, stagnant and lifeless. there are no electrical outlets here, and it barely gets light. i never went to this area because it was dark and dreary and literally made me feel dark and dreary.

what have i done?

i brought in some battery operated lights to brighten it up at night.

i hung a wind chime in the tree at the entrance to bring in the good energy and push it into my home.

i brightened up the welcome mat and the mat underneath adds more brightness.

what now?

i feel different here now. i love this spot now. i go here a few times a day now, and this keeps the energy moving!

i feel different walking up to it – welcomed and invited. it makes me smile and i love it.

i think my UPS and delivery drivers love it, too. they started putting my boxes right in front of my door stacked nicely rather than thrown to the side. they can feel the energy shift, too!

i really do feel a shift of good energy and now that i’ve changed the “mouth of chi”, i am welcoming so much more good energy into my life and my home!”

thank you, THANK YOU, amy, for sharing how you shui!

and if you want to see more photos from this fabulous (and quick!) transformation, hop over here! xo