what can i expect from the Group Consult?

“Hi, Beauty! Thank you. I loved class so much. What a gift it is to spend time with you, Amanda! I have worked with 100s of healers in my work. I had 40 people working under me at my studio and center. I had over 5000 students. So, you could say- I am an expert in people. and You!! You!! are a light in this world. You are generous and intuitive and funny and so relatable. I am so happy that you do this work and that I get to learn from you. It was such a pleasure. I really can’t wait for whatever you create as a next step. Despite knowing quite a lot about Feng Shui- I haven’t felt inspired in a long time. Your sense of beauty, your sense of joy are so heart-centered. You just glow and, in turn, help us all shine a little brighter. I am delighted by all of this. So happy you are in my life.”


“Good Morning, I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you for this wonderful session. Sunday School has been life changing. Due to family commitments, I was unable to attend every Sunday on zoom but I’ve been able to watch the recordings. I just need the last one to finally complete the course. So much is already starting to change and I hadn’t even realized it until the other day. I’ll be finishing up the last recording soon and can not wait to continue working with all of this information you have shared with us. Truly LIFE CHANGING!  Thank you… I will keep you posted on the progress.”


these notes from my Spring session *groupies* will have me beaming all summer long. THANK YOU for letting me be part of your shui journey. i LOVE our conversations and your curiosity SO much, and it is absolutely the BEST FEELING i know to teach this practice and its wisdom to you!

do you want to be a *groupie*? i would LOVE that SO much! curious how 6 weeks can change your home and life? trust me, it’s a lot. after this class, you won’t see your space the same way ever again! so. make a note now — the Simple Shui Group Consult will be making its comeback this fall! which means you’ll want to have that YES ready because it’ll be here soon enough! xo


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