25 ways to work with the 5 elements

if you feel like you’re wandering without direction, galvanize the energy of WOOD within you. take a walk in a forest or wooded area. connect with tree spirits. dedicate a space in your surroundings to start AND complete a project. wear athletic clothing and blaze some new trails. find a view of a distant landscape out at least one window in your home, and look out it when you need help strengthening your perspective.

if you’ve been feeling more dull than dazzling, spark your FIRE energy. invite others into an intimate conversation. wear silks or satins – purrrrr. channel some wild inspiration by adding in animal décor or prints! sit in a circle of candles, and watch the flames dance. rise early to inhale the sunrise. or watch the sun paint the sky as it sets.

if you need a little or a whole lotta LOVE, dip into some mama EARTH energy. walk outside barefoot and stand in the grass. get your hands dirty – buy a few flowers or plants for the garden, or create a garden box. smell the soil. take a pottery class. honor the ground you walk on by keeping the floors clear and clean. keep a bowl of rocks at the center of your space.

want to mingle more with magic? try syncing up with METAL. watch the night sky. stand in the winds and let it rush through your energy field. smell the crisp air during cooler months. read more – if you don’t normally read. read less – if your nose is always in a book. take a long walk. go for a run. meditate. deep breathing is boot camp for our METAL energy. place crystals around your living space to hold your intentions and transform energy on your behalf.

feeling creatively parched or dried up? replenish yourself with WATER. give yourself plenty of room to spread out and work creatively. wear loose, flowing clothing. take a bath. go for a swim. dip your toes into the lake. step outside during a rainstorm. drink more water. stare into the moonlight. xo