3 *practical magic* uses for oranges

what’s the big deal with oranges?

one, they are bright like the sun, delivering an enormous amount of Yang chi to our spaces – Yang chi being confident, bold, adventurous, energizing and independent (to name a few descriptors).

two, the orange is a symbol of abundance, happiness, and good health!

finally, i love them because while some traditional Feng Shui symbols and cures – mandarin ducks, bamboo flutes, firecrackers – don’t translate aesthetically for everyone, oranges usually do.

so, here are your 3 magical uses:

TIP ONE: if you need to lift your spirit or balance out your chi…

take 9 oranges and cut a quarter-size of rind from each one. add the rinds to a hot bath along with 1 cup of Epsom or sea salt. let the orange rinds and salt stew for 10 minutes before slipping into the tub. once you’ve submerged, relax for 20 minutes. the salt soaks up negative energy, while the essence from the orange rinds steeps your soul in all that yang chi!

now, this is the way the “soak” was shared with me, so i am honoring that – however, if you can only buy one orange, peel 9 quarter size rinds off one and make it work for you! 

by the way, the orange rinds may be used in another bath before their elixir is gone, so there’s your nudge to stockpile a few baths this week!

TIP TWO: need to clear heavy energy right out of the air?

purchase one fresh orange for this cleanse. you will also need a spray bottle filled with distilled water.

sitting quietly and without a knife, peel nine small, round sections of the rind off your orange. while peeling, think of what you would like to release / clear from your space. place the rinds in the bottle. 

beginning at your front door and working clockwise, spray this citrus essence everywhere. visualize light flooding your space while you set new intentions. the essence will rejuvenate you and your space, and clear any stagnant energy. 

i know the tendency is to light up some plants or incense to clear energy, but i think oranges can sometimes have more oomph. here’s why: i have about a 50/50 satisfaction rate with smoky cleanses – some people love them smell; others have a sensitivity to it; and sometimes, people are simply not into the smoke at all.

meanwhile, oranges – like any citrus – almost guarantee a smile on your face instantly. i have never met a client who isn’t drawn to a citrus of some kind because they are happy, joyful and uplifting… which is why they are a must-have for sweeping away stagnant, depressed energy and moving us into an uplifted state.

TIP THREE: finally, if you need a little extra protection, here’s one more cleanse for you!

once a day for 9 days, peel one orange and leave the peel somewhere in a room. leave it there for all nine days. at the end of the nine days, gather the peels and throw them away. (feel free to eat the orange you peel daily.)

alternatively, you can do this in your office (placing the peels in your desk drawers instead) to keep any unwanted energy at a distance from you.

so, if you find yourself scrolling through my blog or over on the socials, wondering why i keep talking about having 8 or 9 oranges in a bowl on your kitchen table, now you know part of that why! xo