Q & A: how do i become more visible in my field?

Q: “one of the sections i most want to work on is Fame, Reputation, and Social Networks. it consists of two bathrooms, my bedroom closet, my laundry closet, and part of my kitchen – and i have no idea how to approach it. i would love help with this as my current mission is to become more visible in my field.”

A: oooh – great Q! here are a few nuggets to get you started…

for the two bathrooms: add the element Wood. why? Wood helps absorb the element Water (something all bathrooms have plenty of!), and Water puts out Fire – the element that is most at home in the Fame area. Wood also strengthens Fire, so this one addition is a win-win!

for your bedroom closet: keep some space clear up high (higher spaces speak to Fire energy); and do a quick edit in your closet to make sure that your clothes are most representative of your authentic self and how you want to be seen!

for your laundry closet: same as before – create a little *breathing* room on higher shelves, and keep clutter to a minimum.

for this part of your kitchen: Wood is a great element to add in here because it feeds Fire energy.

i also LOVE anything bright, like oranges. oranges are vibrant and possess very yang, life-affirming frequencies. and in shui, they are revered as representing fortune, luck, and prosperity – the “good life” trinity! the color orange itself is conversational, captivating (think: grabbing people’s attention!), and compels confidence. 

finally, make sure your counters aren’t *housing* things you never / rarely use. horizontal surfaces are like creative landing zones, so when we’re calling in new opportunities, we need to create room for them to arrive! xo