7 ways to work with salt

i LOVE salt – the original crystal. it is forever one of my GO TO remedies when energy gets wonky. it’s simple and served to us straight from Big Mama (Earth). better yet, it connects to the salt in our sweat, tears and blood – making it an organic influencer of our own chi. and because i encourage clients to get salty as much as possible, i’m going to give you that same loving shove with 7 “salty” ways to work it into your shui:

TIP 1: place a pinch of sea salt in your wallet. salt draws energy to it, and wallet energy is money mojo. just make sure you give your wallet a quick purge first (receipts, paper clutter, maxed out cards, expired gift cards, etc.). this clears away any barriers to the good green getting to you! 

TIP 2: remove your current doormat (if you have one), and sweep the area clean. next, put a new doormat (or your current mat after it’s been given a good shake) in front of the door. place 9 coins in a red envelope, and put them under the mat. the coins symbolize money walking into your life. additionally, sprinkle a pinch of salt under the mat, too. when you are done, say “and so it is!”

TIP 3: dealing with nightmares? stick a bowl of sea salt under or near the bed, and toss it out the next morning. repeat this until the dream’s energy has disappeared. salt is a universal cleanser, and it is powerfully effective at eliminating most energetic disturbances.

TIP 4: in our homes, sprinkling sea salt across the thresholds (where one room ends and the other begins) renews the space by absorbing stagnant energy in the air. if / when there has been a particularly bad experience in your home, like a fight or illness (or worse), sprinkle salt everywhere. in both instances, leave it for 24 hours. vacuum it up the next day, and any negative, stale, or residual energy lingering will be gone.

TIP 5: if your self-care is non-existent, do one of the following this week: either dip yourself into a magnesium (Epsom salts) bath – magnesium is relaxing; or soak in a Himalayan salt bath – a highly efficient detox. even better? indulge in both, and those two baths will cleanse your chakras, refresh your energy, and best of all, give you the gift of a little “me” time.

TIP 6: sprinkle grains of sea salt around your home’s periphery. this creates an energetic dome and detours any negative energy that might come your direction.

TIP 7: once a year, give your kitchen a salty wipe down. this ritual clears any lingering negative chi that might have settled here. it also keeps it from attaching to you. all you need is a damp cloth, natural rock salt, and a little elbow grease. dip your cloth into the salt, and wipe down everything – countertops, cupboards, pantry door, and floors – with the intention of extracting and eliminating old chi. (BONUS TIP: i use this cleanse after any home repair / improvement happens here!) xo


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