5 simple ways to refresh your space

if you’ve been in the Simple Shui realm for a while, you know i LOVE and linger over conversations about the 5 elements. what woos me the most is their vast ability to tend our needs – and with generous simplicity, too.


as we embark on a new year, i want to share a few ways to “be” with the elements as you cleanse, clear and create room for who you’re becoming. (and if you want to learn even more about the elements, we dive into them here!)

WATER is the element of deep knowing, receptivity, cleansing and creating flow. so, when you’re in need of water chi, take a salty bath – or even give yourself a salty foot soak. allow yourself plenty of room to spread out (with your ideas, your work, your time). and if you want to cleanse your space so it’s more aligned with this likelihood, clear the air with an essential oil spritzer or give your floors a basil wash!

WOOD is the element of our own greatness – that blend of courage and speaking our truth while “reaching for the light” (new goals, new ways of being – that new you!). so, when you’re in need of wood chi, immerse yourself among the trees and breathe in deeply. give your home and you the gift of the fragrant flower ritual. and if you want to cleanse your space so this chi inevitably sprouts around you, begin the day lighting some Palo Santo and setting your intentions.

FIRE is the element of purification, transformation and celebration – all part of that innate creative drive and fuel for our passions. so, when you’re in need of fire chi, play some music and dance like no one is watching. rise early and sun gaze, infusing yourself with sunshine’s high-octane vitality. and if you want to cleanse your space so the mood is set for this expansive chi, try this orange peel ritual or flood your home with sunlight.

EARTH is the element of solid ground, stability and purpose – a palette of support whenever we’re on the brink of change. so, when you’re in need of earth chi, revive yourself with your 5 senses. walk outside barefoot and stand in the grass, letting your body re-charge with a little mama earth TLC. and if you want to cleanse your space so you’re receptive to this chi, employ salt to absorb, mop up and remove any energy that isn’t favorable.  

METAL is the element of the divine and that all-knowing wisdom thread running between you and the cosmos. its chi also invites change that cuts away what is no longer needed or pertinent. so, when you’re in the need of metal chi, open the windows and let the breeze offer you a fresh breath. create your own release ritual. and if you want to cleanse your space so it’s ready to breathe in this chi, ring a bell or play a singing bowl.

have no idea what element you want or need most? try this: work with the element that’s in season: water in the winter; wood in the spring; fire in the summer; earth in late summer; and metal in the fall. xo