shui me the money!

here’s an inevitable Q in a Feng Shui practitioner’s life: how do i attract (or make) more money?

so, a few *best practices* that i’ve seen generate results, keeping in mind that Feng Shui doesn’t work if you don’t – which means, when these trigger opportunities for you, your job is to push up those sleeves and cooperate!

TIP ONE: zhuzh up the front door.

this is where we welcome what we want / desire into our lives. the front door is also where we “influence” the energy (opportunities, possibilities, luck) coming into our homes. if the front door is suggesting struggle or neglect, it gets its fingerprints on any incoming chi – and that’s what circulates in our home. so, give your “mouth of chi” some TLC.

want to spice it up? finish up with a pinch of cinnamon!

TIP TWO: lead money into your house.

metaphors are everything in shui, so put some coins in a red envelope and slip it under the front door mat. this way, money will start “walking into your life.”

TIP THREE: make that first impression count.

take advantage of your home’s marquee – the entry – and never underestimate the power of a clean entry. open space here is a well-noted and much appreciated detail. punctuate it with a few other necessary ingredients – light, something fresh, something unmistakably YOU – and it becomes rich with possibility for changing our life’s scenery.

want to make things really flow? add water.

TIP FOUR: move 27 things around.

whenever we move things, we disrupt tired energy patterns in our surroundings that influence how we feel. you know, thinking the same thoughts, living the same habits, having the same experience – repeat. need a few ideas? read this.

TIP FIVE: respect your money, honey!

what do your financial “homes” look like – your purse / wallet; where you keep your bills; the space you sit when you pay your bills / look at your finances? these suggest how you treat wealth, so if you have room for improvement, that’s time well spent!

TIP SIX: assess any features that could be “costing you money.”

i see this all the time – we focus on all the “abundance” symbols and shifts without knowing (and addressing) the features in our home that could be the culprit. and oftentimes, once these are addressed, the energy in our home improves just like that (snap!). xo